The practice

For beginners – how to start

Complete beginners are always welcome at Ashtanga Yoga Frankfurt.
If you’re new to the concept of a Mysore self-practice class, we encourage you to come and observe first. This allows you to meet your teachers, understand the dynamics of the class, and ask any questions you might have before deciding if it’s right for you.
Embarking on Ashtanga yoga through a Mysore self-practice class offers an ideal starting point. The individualized instruction within a group setting ensures a tailored approach, providing personal attention at your own pace – an approach we find to be the most effective and secure way to introduce practitioners to the method.
Beginners need not be familiar with the entire Asthanga yoga sequence before starting. I teach the poses systematically, guiding you through each one, facilitating memorization as you progress.
If you are inspired to begin your Asthanga yoga journey, simply choose your preferred day, and reach out to us to let us know that you are interested in joining our class.

For beginners – your first class

Mysore self-practice classes embrace students of various abilities and experiences, creating an inclusive environment where beginners are always encouraged to join.
In your first classes, you’ll be introduced to sun salutations, proper breathing techniques, and the concept of bandhas. The initial lesson, lasting around 30 minutes, involves repetition, providing a comprehensive introduction for newcomers.
Subsequent classes will progressively introduce new postures, building a sequence that becomes familiar and manageable without extensive guidance.
In keeping with the traditional teaching style, we often provide physical, hands-on adjustments. While we strive to ensure these adjustments are beneficial and safe, we understand that some individuals may prefer not to receive them. We respect your autonomy and encourage you to decline adjustments at any time without the need for explanation.
To facilitate progress, we recommend a commitment of at least three classes per week at a consistent time. While the initial class duration is typically 30-45 minutes, we remain flexible to accommodate varying needs and schedules.
Your first class starts at 07:45 am. By then the Shala is already running and we have enough time to teach you properly.

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